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AdOps is a demanding function, one that requires constant monitoring of myriad tasks in order to optimize campaigns. Outsourcing part or all of AdOps can help agencies, ad platforms and publishers focus their attention on more strategic level projects, and spend more time offering personal assistance to their clients.

There are plenty of low-cost outsourcing firms you can choose to partner with, but should cost alone be your sole criteria? Increasingly, brands and consumers are concerned with how people — workers, contractors, subcontractors — throughout the supply chain are treated. 

For instance, 82% of consumers say they are very concerned about how brands treat their workers. And a few years ago, the Business Roundtable redefined the purpose of a corporation, committing to, “Dealing fairly and ethically with our suppliers. We are dedicated to serving as good partners to the other companies, large and small, that help us meet our missions.”

The Problem with Low-Cost Outsourcing

Digital campaigns require a high level of skills, and low-cost partners are able to offer rock-bottom prices by underpaying their workers, demanding excessive work hours, and unrealistic workloads. Their tight margins also mean they can’t afford to provide their workers with the training necessary to deliver campaigns accurately, on time, and in accordance with accepted data security practices and privacy regulations. Low-cost partnerships, therefore, can lead to security risks, increasing the chances of data breaches and vulnerabilities.  

Ultimately, the focus on cheap labor often translates to lower-quality work and missed deadlines, potentially hindering your advertising campaign’s success.

Unnecessary Brand Risk

Critically, partnering with a low-cost AdOps partner isn’t worth the risk for any company whose clients rely on them to perform business functions on their behalf.  Numerous regulations throughout the world require that brands —  your clients — monitor their supply chains for ethical and sustainable practices.

For instance, The California Supply Chain Transparency Act mandates that businesses in California disclose the steps they take to eliminate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains, including their verification and supplier compliance efforts to guarantee ethical product production. That means that partnering with a company that treats its employees unethically will have a negative impact on the reputation of the brands you serve. 

Case in point: Walmart has come under intense scrutiny for its aggressive outsourcing practices, leading to labor abuses among workers in its domestic supply chain, particularly in transportation and goods-delivery systems.

The Paragon Digital Services Advantage: Ethical and Effective AdOps Solutions

In stark contrast to low-cost providers, Paragon Digital Services prioritizes long-term employee tenure. To that end, we invest long-term in our team members’ success.  

We believe in empowering our employees with the skills they need to thrive. Through Paragon Digital Academy, we offer comprehensive training in areas like business communication, and advertising technologies (including Google certifications), and even equip team members with expertise in MS Office and Google Analytics.  This commitment extends beyond technical skills, as we also provide career advancement opportunities.  

Additionally, Paragon Digital Services actively strives to close the gender gap in employment.  By training women in this high-growth field, we empower them to build rewarding careers that contribute not only to their personal success but also to their local communities.

Making the Ethical Choice

Cost shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing an AdOps partner.  Consumers and brands increasingly value ethical practices throughout the supply chain. Partnering with low-cost partners disguised as an AdOps provider risks data breaches, missed deadlines, and ultimately, hurts your campaigns. It also exposes your clients to potential legal issues, as regulations require them to monitor ethical practices within their supply chains.  

Paragon Digital Services offers a different path. We prioritize employee well-being and invest in their long-term success. Choose Paragon and achieve your AdOps goals while ensuring ethical treatment of workers and protecting your clients’ reputations.


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