These days one can hardly click open any news source without seeing an article about “quiet quitting” — a phenomenon in which workers do the bare minimum of their jobs while they either look for more rewarding work, or save their energy for outside pursuits. Over one-fifth of the American workforce (21%) describe themselves as quiet quitters. The global advertising sector is no exception.

We’re not here to tell people how to behave in an office, of course. But if your job is to ensure that a digital campaign delivers results for your brand or your clients, quiet quitting is a challenge. Campaign execution takes 110% of a trafficker’s energy, whether it’s digital advertising, paid search, or SEO. There are countless placements to monitor, creatives to test and manage, reports to generate, and targeting strategies to assess and optimize.

Whether you’re struggling to find replacements for people who quit during the Great Resignation or are simply asked to do more with less, your basic challenge remains the same: You need domain expertise to succeed.

Outsourcing vs. BPO vs. KPO

Generally, when people think of engaging an outside company to help them manage a workload they give it the generic term: outsourcing. But the concept (and the benefits) are much more nuanced than the term implies, so let’s level set.

Outsourcing is a business agreement in which one company hires another in order to take responsibility for an existing activity performed in-house. In some cases, the agreement requires the client to transfer employees or assets to the outsourcing partner.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) involves the outsourcing of labor and other operational work to a third party to save money. According to Gartner, BPO is typically IT intensive, and is broken into two major buckets:

  1. Horizontal offerings, which Gartner defines as activities that can be “leveraged across specific industries”
  2. Vertical-specific offerings, which are tasks or functions that “demand specific industry vertical process knowledge”

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is when companies outsource relatively high-level tasks that demand specialized knowledge or problem-solving to another company that has specific domain expertise in a particular matter. In other words, it’s the outsourcing of “core, information-related business activities.”

One can easily see a role for outsourcing, BPO and KPO within a brand, marketing tech platform, publisher or media agency, stepping in to take on key functions within the digital advertising end-to-end workflow.

Outsourcing ●       Campaign set up

●       Ensuring all creatives in all formats are ready

●       Testing creatives

●       Taking screenshots of creatives in live campaigns

●       Tag management

●       Generating reports

BPO ●       Managing programmatic platforms

●       Managing dynamic creatives

●       Creative support on provided design guides

●       Optimizing paid search and SEO campaigns

KPO ●       Campaign strategy and execution insights

●       Assessing publishers and channels

●       Publishers and channels relationship support

●       Experience based optimizing of campaigns

Finding the Right Resources

At Paragon Digital Services, we’ve long recognized the value of the talent pool in India. It’s why we have an extensive program to recruit and train people within India, and provide career paths that offer advancement. We provide all employees with extensive training, as well as the opportunity to earn certifications from all leading platform vendors.

Partnering with a company like Paragon Digital Services allows brands and agencies to reduce operational costs and streamline efficiency, while freeing up existing staff to pursue more meaningful work, such as meeting with clients and planning high-level strategy. It is the antidote to quiet quitting.

For additional information on all things Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing, contact Sujith to arrange a 15 or 30-minute call with Paragon Digital’s new client development lead.

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