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About Us

Exceptional commitment to quality, delivery optimization and service.

About Paragon

Paragon Digital is a premier digital media services agency offering expert media operations, data analytics, creative and campaign optimization, as well as ancillary business finance services to advertisers, publishers and ad tech platforms across the globe.

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certified, Paragon Digital is distinguished by its exceptional commitment to quality, delivery optimization, and by account teams that provide white glove service to 50+ clients.

Founded in 2007 by Andrew Fawcett-Wolf, Ramesh Kannan and Rajesh Kannan in direct response to the market’s urgent need for high-level and on-demand technical expertise. Since its founding Paragon Digital has grown to 1,300 employees, with offices in Chennai, Los Angeles, Bangalore, Boston, New York, London, and Melbourne. Paragon Digital was acquired by Dentsu International in 2017.

Our values

Success demands investment – in employees, technology, certification and processes – so that we can deliver the highest quality possible to our clients. Every employee is thoroughly trained in existing and emerging technology and campaign strategy so that when they engage with a client, they can hit the ground running. We are certified in the leading ad-tech and analytics tools so that we can seamlessly fit into your environment and work how you work. And we are a 100% process driven organization, which allows us to adapt to whatever changes our industry throws our way.

When you work with us, you can expect:

– Process and details obsessed, we always aspire for excellence in every situation, tactic and client outcome.

Collaboration – We share openly, and learn from each other and our clients. By doing so, we are able to deliver exceptional work/services within our client’s systems, workflows and business processes.

Accountability – We strive to exceed client expectations always and hold ourselves to exacting standards in order to deliver quality on consistent bases.

Agility – Change is the only constant in our industry and is accelerating rapidly. Hence, business agility and flexibility is a core competency of ours that ensures superior outcomes for our clients, always.

Diversity – Diversity is at the heart of our business and we are proud of it. Clients love us for our diverse employee base which provided equally diverse ideas to grow their business.

Resilience – During the pandemic, we delivered consistently high-quality work despite the challenges we faced, in part due to our well-planned and executed Business Continuity Plan.

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Our Team

Paragon Digital is led by a team of passionate and collaborative thought leaders from across the globe. We work hard to ensure our clients partner with us for an important reason: Our unparalleled commitment to service delivery and quality which makes them better business partners to their customers.

Andrew Fawcett-Wolf
Co-founder & CEO

Passionate about: photography, travel, design

Andrew always has been passionate about sales efficacy. Andrew has established and led the commercial operations of many multi-market media / advertising organizations for the likes of emap, UBM, AltaVista, CNET, Vodafone, Operative and Orange.

Sarah Chapman
EVP, Global Client Services

Passionate about: problem solving, cross-culture, soccer

Sarah oversees client engagement globally and works to ensure that Paragon’s services are delivered to the highest level of quality and service. Previously, Sarah has defined and executed client engagement strategies for digital marketing companies including Operative and Fivia / WideOrbit.

Hari Menon

Passionate about: family, operational excellence, business strategy

Hari is particularly interested in systems and operations (so much so, he has MBA in it). Prior to joining Paragon, Hari was working as President of India Operations with AffinityX. He has also worked with MRF Tyres, Perot Systems and Alden Publishing. Hari’s experience includes healthcare, publishing and digital marketing.

David Tyler
President of Sales

Passionate about: family, operational efficiency, business strategy

David is passionate about helping publishers, brands and platforms of all sizes increase revenue by expanding products, services and markets. David’s background includes a leading role at CMP Media, building and launching a global content and sales business for technology providers.

Ajanta Anand
Senior VP, HR

Passionate about: travel, people, culture, growth strategies

Ajanta is passionate about building strong teams by ensuring a happy, satisfied workforce. Ajanta was previously at iOPEX Technologies where she served as VP, HR, leading five global HR functions. Her experience spans digital advertising, e-learning, BPO, financial services, and IT sectors.

Mahesh Melwani

Passionate about: badminton, finance and family

Mahesh is passionate finance professional who loves playing sports, especially Badminton. Mahesh previously worked for Scope e-Knowledge Center as CFO and is a chartered accountant and cost accountant.