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Discover unparalleled efficiency and reliability for your media and entertainment company’s digital ad operations with Paragon Digital’s specialized solutions. As the top partner for leading streaming, OTT, audio, and CTV brands, we specialize in optimizing digital ad operations. We lend our expertise to scale deliverables through full time equivalent outsource model while you focus on maximizing revenue and audience engagement.

Our Services for Media and Entertainment Companies

Channel management and
rights management

  • Upload videos on videos on social media platforms (YouTube, Snapchat & Instagram). Optimize videos by adding metadata information.
  • Create thumbnails, appending end screen to the video.
  • Reoptimize videos based on the new strategies provided by client.
  • Sweep videos for creators to identify reuploaded content or videos and report the asset IDs of the videos to them.
  • Support creators by monetizing or blocking the videos as per client requirement.

Metadata optimization,
data management, automation, genre tagging

  • Collect, store, organize, and maintain data in a structured and secure manner.
  • Streamline and automate various data-related tasks, including automating data entry, data cleansing, data backups, data transfers, and other repetitive processes.

Weekly and monthly channel performance reporting

  • Weekly, monthly channel performance reporting.
  • Deliver sales pitch reports for various new prospecting brands and creators.

End to end campaign management

  • Create campaigns in various platforms as per the audience targeting and budget shared by the client.
  • Campaign setup, campaign optimization, creative amendments, creative setup, pixel implementation, reporting from various platforms, troubleshooting ad request in live TV,
  • Pull reports from different platforms and update the values to monitor pacing.
  • Troubleshoot ad request in live TV. Check the ad request URL in the live TV, send the Bid request/ad fill URL to the client/dev team (pre-roll, mid-roll with ad tracking on and off status)

Content editing

  • Edit client creative video content, copy content, Audio editing and color grading, Edit and check embedded subtitles, face to camera content editing.
  • Create YT shorts & stories based on client requirements.

Accuracy, Security and Privacy

This is a golden age of video, CTV and social-first publishing. Advertisers are willing to invest, but they demand accurate campaigns delivered on time. Our expert certified in managed services allow you to meet their expectations:

Your customers demand precision and security. We have built our business from the ground up with a commitment and focus on accuracy, privacy and governance:

Due to the strict quality standards, information security, and data privacy protocols that we adhere to these certifications combined with our commitment to ongoing training allows us to deliver on the promise of 99.9% accuracy and on time delivery of clients work.

Selecting and working with an outsource provider is senseless if the party does not have in place governance which guarantees their work is delivered on-time and without error. The three ISO certifications listed below, highlight Paragon Digital Services commitment to process, safety, privacy, and exacting standards.

ISO 9001

Certification behind Paragon Digital’s Quality Management System (QMS) that guarantees error free work delivered

ISO 27001

Certification behind Paragon Digital’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) that protects sensitive data.

ISO 27701

Certification behind Paragon Digital’s Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) that guarantees compliance with privacy and data protection regulations.

Paragon Digital Services – By the numbers
Full Year 2022


Full Time Employees (no contractors or subcontractors)


Digital media and marketing client jobs delivered.


delivered “without error”


delivered “on time”

ISO 9001


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