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Efficient AdOps Services for Digital Ad-Tech Platforms

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Paragon Digital emerges as the premier choice for businesses in the ad platform sector, among DSPs, SSPs, Exchanges, Ad Servers, and other digital ad-tech platform providers. Our specialized managed services ensure seamless operations, enabling you to optimize efficiency and profitability. Let us navigate the complexities of ad operations while you focus on advancing your platform and expanding your market reach. The world’s leading platforms outsource their work to us because we deliver error-free and timely campaigns for your clients.

Our Digital Media Outsourcing Services for Ad-Tech Platforms

End to end campaign management

  • Build campaign strategy and assign concepts to strategies in various platforms
  • QA campaign setup, naming conventions, tag management
  • Upload/set up new creatives in various platforms as per client’s requirements/instructions
  • Continuously track performance metrics, making data-driven adjustments in real-time to maximize campaign effectiveness and ROI
  • Collaborate closely with assigned client team members
  • Screenshots, weekly and end of campaigns reports and weekly performance reports
  • Campaign performance wrap up and analysis

Partner evaluation, activation, optimization, and negotiation

  • Onboard new publishers, maintaining relationships with existing publishers, and ensuring they are all set in the respective platforms based on the requirements.
  • Work closely with the platform team to ensure that all accounts are connected and delivering correctly.
  • Educate publishers on how to use platforms for reporting and dashboards
  • Negotiate with publishers to renew contracts and agreements that are mutually beneficial for all parties

Partner brand safety, compliance tracking and analysis

  • Analyze assess and validate publisher site for tech requirements and site content as per advertisers’s brand requirements
  • Identification of creatives deemed unacceptable and universally disapproved due to its intent

Data compilation and reporting across various platforms

  • Cumulate data from various client reports and DSPs and update the values
  • Create reports based on templates shared by the client for different campaigns and ad groups

Taxonomies, pixel creation, data pixel mapping, malware violations

  • Taxonomies: updating of custom audience segments, as intended to structure & organize related 1st and 3rd party segments into groups.
  • Data pixel mapping: rules over how and to whom the segment is available to target in campaign strategies.

Budgets and billing

  • Budget tracking/maintenance, bulk updates via Bulk Manager.

Accuracy, Security and Privacy

Your clients rely on your platform to launch campaigns accurately, on time, and in accordance with state-of-the-art data governance and privacy compliance. Paragon Digital is organized around those principles:

Due to the strict quality standards, information security, and data privacy protocols that we adhere to these certifications combined with our commitment to ongoing training allows us to deliver on the promise of 99.9% accuracy and on time delivery of clients work

All Paragon Digital FTEs are fully trained and certified, many with 2 to 6 years of expertise in specific services categories.

ISO 9001

Certification behind Paragon Digital’s Quality Management System (QMS) that guarantees error free work delivered

ISO 27001

Certification behind Paragon Digital’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) that protects sensitive data.

ISO 27701

Certification behind Paragon Digital’s Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) that guarantees compliance with privacy and data protection regulations.

Paragon Digital Services – By the numbers
Full Year 2022


Full Time Employees (no contractors or subcontractors)


Digital media and marketing client jobs delivered.


delivered “without error”


delivered “on time”

ISO 9001


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