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Strategic and technical services to drive yield, fill rates, and campaign success for your clients.

Campaign success is in the details.

Advertising is a critical source of revenue to all publishers. Done correctly, it can enhance your readers experience, deliver great value to your advertisers, as well as drive yield and fill rates. It succeeds or fails on getting all of the technical details right. Our expert teams can manage your advertising entirely for you, or lend our expertise just where you need it.

Your inventory – and your audience – are valuable assets. We’ll help you monetize them through high quality, best-in-class advertising that keeps advertisers coming back.

Campaign lifecycle support

Campaign lifecycle support

Our publisher support teams are experts in the technical and creative requirements for successful campaigns. From ideation, concept and creative production, to audience segmentation, execution, optimization and results analysis, we can manage the entire process, or specific tasks within it. You decide.

Audience monetization

Audience monetization

We can help your advertisers pinpoint their exact audience, and reach them across your website and mobile properties. We’ll help you create audience segments to attract premium advertisers, or build ad hoc segments in response to a bid.

Flexible selling models

Flexible selling models

We help you drive fill rates by selling your inventory directly to advertisers, or programmatically on open or private exchanges.

Platform flexibility

Platform flexibility

We’re happy to work within your existing infrastructure, digital mar tech and ad tech platforms, or brand safety partner you use.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics

Our analytics provide deep insights into your audience, allowing you to tell great stories about them. Our consolidated reports help you understand the true value of your audiences, properties, ad placements and formats so that you can drive yield.

Brand safe

Brand safe

We protect your readers, and your reputation, through exceptional quality assurance and brand safety measures.

 Integrated and centralized

Integrated and centralized

We centralize all of your campaign assets, data and reports from multiple locations into one simple and accessible solution.

Programmatic Campaign Management

We offer turnkey programmatic campaign management with highly experienced programmatic teams to manage all aspects of your campaign – from setup to in-flight optimization and results analysis.

Programmatic trading:
Desktop and mobile, standard, rich media, custom formats, video.

Flexible models:
Private deals, open or private exchanges.

Campaign set-up:
Audience data, targeting criteria, brand safety measures, KPI identification, site tagging and set up.

Ad trafficking:
Ongoing channel, bid and creative optimization to ensure positive campaign results for your clients.

Seamless integration with your ecosystem:
We’re happy to work within your existing infrastructure, digital mar tech and ad tech platforms or brand safety partner you use. We have strong relationships with all major ad servers, DSPs, DMPs, SSPs and exchanges.

Real-time reporting & analytics:
Detailed reporting helps you understand what you delivered and how your audience responded. Analytics let you assess the value of your assets, and tell better stories to clients.

Data, Analytics & Reporting

Our cross-channel, consolidated reporting methodology provides you with detailed analysis of campaign and audience performance in bespoke formats. Reports incorporate data from programmatic campaigns, search, social, finance, site analytics, and media planning into a single solution.

Consolidated dashboards:
We offer a number of data, reporting and dashboarding services and products so that you and your stakeholders can fully understand the value of your expenditure.

Trusted data management:
Compliant management of your data, analytics and reports, protecting you, your business and your clients.

Fully integrated and centralized:
All campaign assets, data and reports from multiple locations are consolidated into a centralized solution that’s easy to access and use. We can consolidate and build any report or dashboard according to your business specifications.

Auditing & Quality Assurance

As an ISO certified technical services organization, it’s no surprise that auditing and quality assurance are critical for us, in a continual process of improvement.

Ticketing and issue tracking:
We custom designed our ticketing and issue-tracking system to meet the specific requirements of the digital ad campaign lifecycle. Our system fosters quick and clear communication, full transparency, and a holistic and accurate view of each ticket, as well as details of our quality assurance (QA) protocol.

QA protocol:
Our QA protocol encompasses all critical stages of a campaign, and spotlights all instances where a barrier to high-quality execution may occur. It is fully data encrypted to ensure privacy, and was evaluated as part of our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Client access:
Our clients have unfettered access to all of their tickets, requests, checks, ratings and status. All information is in a central location, and accessible 24/7.

Creative Production

We have the creative expertise for all campaign objectives. We can help with creative production of standard and rich media ads (including dynamic creative optimization), as well as video and all creative for programmatic campaigns.

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