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Years ago, I worked for a leading print publisher specializing in technology publications. One day, my boss announced that he had planned to sell the printing press used to print B2B technology publications. We questioned why – to which he replied that the printing press was no longer strategic to our core business. He mentioned that it required too much management to maintain but by outsourcing the printing, we would be able to focus on more important tasks such as face to face client support, new business meetings, relationship building and premium quality editorial and content creation. A couple years later, the business was sold for higher than average EBITA…$940 million.

Fast forward 20 years and sure enough, digital publishers (also media agencies, brands, and ad tech platforms) are asking themselves the same question – “should we start outsourcing some of our arduous business processes or do we continue to pour time, resource and budget into tasks that are no longer critical for us to own?”. Tasks such as creative asset management, ad trafficking, campaign set-up, trafficking and reporting, revenue reconciliation, some account management activities etc.

Business benefits

Following the initial transition process, many new clients from media agencies, publishers, brands and platforms have expressed the value they have gained from outsourcing such tasks – and how this has wholly exceeded their initial expectations.

Across the board, every client that I work with expects cost savings to be the #1 outcome of outsourcing ad operations. While there is no denying that cost savings are meaningful, there are other benefits which exceed the cost component in terms of value.

Below are the top 5 added benefits reported by Paragon clients:

  1. By reviewing our workflows and roles, our team is now aligned / focused on the most important tasks to our business
  2. By outsourcing less strategic work, our employees are learning higher value skills which aligns nicely with both their career paths and our growth requirements
  3. By allowing our employees to engage in more creative, strategic and challenging work, the operations department morale has never been higher
  4. By utilising high-quality, dedicated support, the quality and efficiency gains were instant – leading to a dramatic increases in campaign KPIs and client satisfaction surveys
  5. By outsourcing specific tasks, management time is freed up from recruiting and training new employees and this churn rate is reduced

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