Why Paragon is a great place to work

In 2018, LinkedIn made headlines when it announced the stunning results of its research into the impact of employee training on employee happiness. According to LinkedIn, “employees who spend time learning at work are:

  • 47% less likely to be stressed
  • 39% more likely to feel productive and successful
  • 23% more ready to take on additional responsibilities
  • 21% more likely to feel confident and happy

As it turns out, the more you learn, the happier you become.

2018 also happened to be the year that we founded the Paragon’s Digital Academy, although we knew the impact of training on employee outlook well before LinkedIn released its research. We understood that the digital marketing and advertising industries were undergoing rapid change, and that in order for our teams to thrive, they needed to feel confident in their skills level, and that the agency had their backs. We do.

So we invested in them. We launched the Academy in order to provide learning and development opportunities to all of our employees. Our goal is to inspire and upskill our teams in critical areas, such as client communications, language, email and telephone etiquette and all aspects of MS Office. We also provide extensive training social media marketing to campaign management, programmatic advertising, display and all the other tech capabilities needed to excel in this field such as data and insights, reporting and business intelligence.

We’re proud that to date, 1,311 employees have graduated from the Paragon Digital Academy. We look forward to many more graduations in the years ahead.

Why employees stay at companies (and at Paragon!)

According to LinkedIn’s Workforce Learning Report, 94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in helping them learn. This makes a lot of sense to us. No one wants to feel overwhelmed at their jobs. We all need to feel valued, and to know how to work well with fellow employees and clients. An employee who feels like a fish out of water is an employee at risk for quitting.

Not surprisingly, our employees are happy to work at Paragon, and while some amount of turnover in every company is inevitable, our employees are reluctant to leave. They know that we give them opportunities to grow and learn, and to acquire skills that will advance their careers over their lifetime.

Apply here if growth is important to you

We’re always looking for smart, curious and compassionate people. Don’t worry if you have a skills gap; we launched the Paragon Digital Academy so that we can recruit people like you who have the ambition to succeed and – importantly – want to look forward to coming to work every day.

Get in touch to learn more about career opportunities with us.

Author:Ajanta Anand

Date:2nd March 2022


Language isn’t a barrier to success

Cross border sales are booming

According to eShopWorld (ESW) data released in August, 2021, cross-border sales are booming. Facing reduced access to stores, global shoppers are turning to ecommerce, and a good portion of them (46%) are buying directly from international brands online. Over half of millennials (52%) are actively buying from brands outside of their home countries. Like a lot of pandemic-induced habits, this isn’t a new trend, but it’s one that has been greatly accelerated by lockdown orders.

Over the past ten years, the barriers to cross-border selling have been coming down. All of the standard ecommerce platforms – Shopify, Magento Commerce, BigCommerce, WooCommerce – have streamlined cross-border sales. Merchants can easily display products in local languages and currencies by leveraging out-of-the-box features.

Meanwhile, a host of entrepreneurs have been busy developing platforms and solutions that streamline the workflows of taking orders and delivering products to customers, regardless of where they live. By selecting the right partners, merchants can offer Amazon-like delivery service.

For instance, allows website visitors to browse and purchase products in their local currency. It also automatically calculates duties and taxes, and offers logistics. ShipStation is the facto partner for multinational merchants, offering order management, landed-cost calculations, branded shipping, volume discounts and more.

The gap: digital campaigns

While the ecommerce platforms and third-party plug-ins can make any mom-and-pop shop look and act like a multinational corporation, there’s still a critically important piece missing: campaigns. You may be able to take an order, charge the correct price, pay the appropriate taxes and deliver a product to a consumer’s door who lives halfway around the world from your headquarters, but how are you going to inform that customer of your products to begin with?

The importance of speaking the local language in campaigns

There’s a story that makes its way around the internet on a fairly regular basis about a Chevy Nova marketing debacle in Latin America (no va means ‘doesn’t go’ in Spanish). The story is a myth, but it’s an instructive one.

All marketers should pay very close attention to the language used in every market where their ads will appear. It’s all too easy to send the wrong message to a market due to language barrier. Fortunately, language isn’t a barrier for Paragon Digital Services and our teams. Every day we help multinational brands execute their performance and brand-awareness campaigns in markets all over the world.

Paragon multinational campaigns by the numbers

  • 44,000 campaigns. We deliver an average of 44,000 campaigns a year across 70+ markets with an accuracy rate of 99.9%, 100% campaigns were delivered on, or before, the deadline.
  • 68+ languages. We work with clients and stakeholders who, combined, speak more than 68 languages. We get the nuances of local languages, and can ensure multinational campaigns don’t fall flat due to poor language. All of our team members are conversant in English, so you’ll have no trouble explaining what you need to them.
  • 17 different departments. We don’t handle just one type of campaign, we handle them all – paid social, paid search, display, programmatic. We’re your one-stop-shop for your global campaigns.
  • 70+ markets. We can help you reach your audience wherever they are, be it in the US, LatAm, EMEA, MENA or APAC.
  • 50+ global brands. Global brands trust us, and rely on us to execute their campaigns accurately and on time and budget. There’s no better endorsement than turning over a media budget!
  • 5000+ unique brands. We’ve launched a wide variety of campaigns for brands that span many sectors. Whether you’re a DTC, B2C or B2B brand, we can help you reach your exact audience.

Ready to take advantage of the modern, post-pandemic consumer’s enthusiasm for global shopping? Get in touch and we’ll help you deliver successful, multinational campaign.

Author:Rekha Patil

Date:2nd November 2021